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Our professional rug cleaning is not just a surface cleaning. It's a deep down full water immersion cleaning. Here's how the process works:


Dry Soil Extraction

Household vacuums alone only reach the soils on top of the fibers. We employ specialized equipment to beat the back of rugs in order to loosen up and remove soil that is “stuck” in the rug’s pile.


Full Immersion Wash

After dry solids are extracted, rugs go into the wash pit area in which they are soaked with water, a mild detergent is added, and rugs are gently scrubbed and agitated.


Water Extraction & Drying

Once the rug is scrubbed and treated for any specific spots or stains, the rug is run though our wringer to remove excess water and hung in our specialized drying room to completely dry.


Fringe Check

Lastly after the rug is fully dry, any fringes are hand cleaned and rugs are inspected before being rolled up and secured for transport home.

Wash Types

We offer several different wash types depending on your rug.

In addition to our standard wash, we offer the following wash services:

Stain Guard

Once clean, we can add a stain guard to protect your rug from future incidents.

Pet Wash

With this wash, we do not mask the smell with a fragrance while leaving the urine still in the rug. We remove the urine salts and bacteria that is causing the smell.

Disaster Care

Rugs that have been through a disaster such as a fire or flood should be treated to a wash specific to the situation.


If you have a specific issue with your rug, give us a call and see if we can help.

Our repairs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Repair or replace serging on the sides of rug

  • Overcast (“whip stitching”) to secure unraveling fringes

  • Patch and secure holes and splits

  • Fringe replacement

  • Rod pockets for wall attachment

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